And so it begins…


It’s May 18th, and we’re finishing up the last frantic errands and packing up all our gear for our much-anticipated cross-country bicycle trip!  We are leaving NYC tomorrow morning around 5 am to take a four-day train across the country to San Francisco.

What are we doing? We are going to spend the summer biking home on our beautiful golden tandem from San Fran, via Seattle Washington and the northern United States.  We look forward to adventure, bug bites, good people, and lots and lots of food.  That’s about as far as our expectations go.

Pausing life in NYC isn’t easy.  Like most things New York, we have to do it in tiny spaces, spending more money than we expected, and in a small time frame.  We have gumption, though, and after two days have our one-bedroom apartment in a 4x8x9′ storage container, our tandem in a franken-box, and are happily bumming final showers from Christine’s dad.

IMG_20130516_160341_325     IMG_20130518_151732_509

Ian is excited that the container is packed.  And Christine discovers two forgotten items…

Upon our arrival in San Francisco, we’ll spend two days exploring the city and putting our bike back together again, and then we’re off!  First stop, Bodega Bay, CA.  Other than our phones, we’re not brining any technology (not because we’re purists, but because we don’t have any!), so we’ll try to find public libraries to write blog posts on a weekly-ish basis.  We hope you enjoy following along as our adventure unfolds!

C & I

3 thoughts on “And so it begins…

  1. Have a wonderful adventure! Remember three things while touring; eat raw garlic to keep bug bites to a minimum, raccoons steal PB tubes at night, and logging trucks have the right of way, even if you are faster! (They will send bark in your face if you get too close)! 😉

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