June 2nd: Sixes, Oregon


Taking a lunch break out of the wind.

71.09 miles, Harris State Beach to Cape Blanco, OR.  It was a rough one, requiring lots of food and stories.  Highest sustained headwind: 32 miles an hour. We are happily in a tent and eating ramen now.



2 thoughts on “June 2nd: Sixes, Oregon

  1. What doesn’t kill us makes us strong. Way to conquer the wind! I’d be interested in butt-saving tips. Christine said “Vaseline”—but what does that do to fancy shorts?? Do you slather in Vaseline before the ride, or use it to repair damage after? Do you wear underwear under your biking shorts?

  2. What determination! Thank you again for sharing your daily adventures. I can just taste those meals and snacks and the fine appreciation for each one that you both exhibit after each leg of your trip. As for the soreness of the posterior, do callouses form ?

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