Hello Idaho!

June 23: 86 miles from Colville, WA to Pioneer Camp near Newport


We had a great night’s sleep at the Bacon Bike Hostel in Colville–super place. Full kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc…and a gorgeous area.  Then we biked almost to the border of Idaho on the emptiest stretch of road we’ve seen since the mountain passes.  Very pretty, but also a little lonely…and we freaked ourselves out after seeing some pretty huge bear prints by the side of the road. We think.

We ended our day by taking a swim (more like a frantic plunge) in the Pend Orielle river in lieu of a much-needed but unavailable shower.

June 24: 69 miles from Pioneer Camp to Clark Fork, ID


Hello, Idaho!  We crossed the border first thing this morning and spent the day biking the tiny stretch of land between Washington and Montana (we are currently a few miles from the Montana border). Idaho has left us with these impressions:

1. It is way more beautiful than we thought.  We biked along the lush banks of gorgeous rivers and mountains all day.
2. It’s really wet. It rained on us all day.
3. People really like their OWN property. I can’t tell you how many Private Property, No Tresspassing, Keep Off signs we’ve seen today. Even on benches. Seriously–who are you keeping off?
4. Despite people’s grumpiness about property, the people here have been very sweet. We got an offer for a place to stay when we looked like wet rats at the grocery store, we got free home made cake at a gas station, and only one obnoxious person yelled at us out of their car window. A good day!


Rivers and mountains and rain, oh my!


Adorable summer cottages by Hope, ID


My amazing ankle-grit-lines after biking through the rain all day.

1 thought on “Hello Idaho!

  1. at first i thought the “my” was referring to ian’s ankles! so shapely! also was surprised to see he had the same dress crocks i carry in the back of our car in case i forget to bring my shoes to school. and where was the dancing advertised while christine ate her annie’s bunnies?: ] you said dancing was standard, i was all ready for a snack-jig. but regardless, granma will be entertained.
    let’s see, what does one do if you pass a bear hitch-hiking?
    we sure are enjoying vicariously biking with you guys i inspired to fix our tandem flat immediately.
    ( this is really from alison but somehow dunc pops up in the “fill in details” fields, but never mind.]
    love mum/mum-in-law

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