Where the wind comes sweeping down the plains…

We’re out of the mountains, and boy is it flat! We spent four days in Glacier and Waterton Lakes National Parks, and had an amazing time hiking, biking and exploring the mountains–but that really deserves a whole post if its own, so stay tuned. Here’s a sneak peak of where we were:


More of that soon, but for now a quick summary of what we’ve done in the last two days since leaving the parks.

July 2: 76 miles from Rising Sun campground in Glacier to Cardston, Alberta, Canada

Yesterday was a day of firsts:
–  We arrived in Canada and at our northernmost point on the trip


–  We entered the great plains


–  On our last hill coming into the plains, we hit our fastest time ever–51.6 mph
–  We experienced our hottest day yet, reaching over 100 degrees
–  We hit 2,000 miles! (We’ll upload that video when we get to a library)
–  We enjoyed the serendipitous company of my Grandpa Ted and Lynell who spoiled us rotten at a hotel in Cardston, Alberta where we took three showers each in about 12 hours and ate gloriously!  Thank you, thank you!!!


July 3: 75 miles from Cardston, Alberta to Cut Bank, MT

We are now undeniably in the great expanse of the high plains.  Leaving the Rockies yesterday they seemed to rise behind us like a wall, and the green, gold, purples, reds and yellows of the prairie lay before us like a vast ocean.  And with the wind behind us we were really sailing!!  Today we sailed further into the depths of this grassy ocean, able to see stretches of miles and miles ahead, behind–all around. No trees, no shade, and sadly no pictures…sorry!  But this new landscape has surprised us, its beauty apparent to us in the subtleties of the dancing grass in the wind, and the blunt power of its almost claustrophobic enormity.

More to come!

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