Hot, Muggy, and Buggy

July 16: 96 miles, Battle Lake MN to Little Falls MN

Holy hot cakes Batman, we got scorched today!  100+ degrees, high humidity, but we had a blast.  We biked fast, and Minesotta continues to be beautiful and friendly.  Red offered us a place to stay with a pool and AC, sadly too early in the day.  So instead we lie, sweating in our tent, surrounded by hordes of ravenous mosquitoes.  This is where Charles Lindbergh grew up. If he could enjoy summers here, no wonder he was such a badass.


Last night we got a fan.  Pretty cush.


All water flows to the Atlantic from here on!


Frogs are great.


We found Flensburg in Minesotta!  We liked Germany’s better.


Mosquitoes are not fun.

3 thoughts on “Hot, Muggy, and Buggy

  1. So about this fan….are you carrying it on your bike, or was this a rental thing from the campground office? How powered?
    Now about your geography and water flowing to the Atlantic. Pretty sure you crossed that line when you crossed the Continental Divide. Hudson Bay and the Mississippi *both* flow to the Atlantic, no? School me if wrong here, cause I’m pretty sure you are trading on inside information not accessible to the casual map geek (me).

    • The fan is a classic example of Minnesota kindness! They brought out an extension cord. The Hudson Bay drains into the Northwest Passage, smarty pants. so arguably, it could be Arctic or Atlantic. I just don’t really know enough about where that line is. but still, Northwest Passage and Gulf of Mexico are pretty far apart!

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