After a three month summer tour across the United States in 2013, we caught the bicycle touring bug bad.  We managed a few shorter tours in 2014, including Christine’s solo trip along the Rhine, Main, and Mosel rivers in Germany.  This summer, we’re at in again for another summer-long tour.  We’ll start in Scotland, the land of Ian’s ancestors, make our way along the eastern coast into England, and hop over the channel to France, through the Swiss Alps, and then north into Germany, home of Christine’s family, ending our tour in Denmark.  We feel incredibly lucky to indulge in this habit, and happy to share the joy of our experiences with you!

A bit about Ian:

At 18 years old, Ian biked New Zealand’s north and south islands all by his lonesome.  He remembers sheep, ferociously territorial magpies, and an unfortunate bout of orange mold growing in his armpits.  Aside from long tours, Ian is well known as a bike fanatic.  He’s been biking since before he could walk, and has turned it into a hobby, a job, and a lifestyle.  Ian’s resolution these days as a “real adult” is to actually take care of his bikes before they break under him.  He’s fast, he’s furious, he’s fabulous.


Although Christine was introduced to biking at an early age, her pink-streamered bike was saddled with training wheels for longer than she’d like to admit. It wasn’t until the summer after high school while living and working on Block Island with Ian that Christine really took to biking.  Now a bicycle enthusiast in her own right, Christine’s passion for bicycle touring has invaded her professional life.  A graduate student, Christine is currently studying the history and culture of long-distance bicycle touring of the 1890s.  Throughout this European tour, she will visit several bicycle touring archives to learn about the cycling boom at the turn of the 20th century.  So, this is research.  Very serious.

4 thoughts on “About

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  2. Hi Christine/Ian,
    It was such a lovely surprise to receive a New Years card and some great photos of your time in Scotland. Jenny and I often reflect on the day you arrived and only hope we did not keep you up too long – you both were very tired after your flight.

    Having read your blog you seem to have had a fantastic time and I am glad you were able to experience some traditional Scottish weather.

    Jenny and I can’t quite believe it is only 5 months before we set off. Everything is coming together not least getting the vaccinations we require. Visa’s will be the next thing. Currently, we are struggling to identify a blog name – any suggestions?

    Its great to keep in touch and perhaps we’ll see you see time May/June 2017. Jenny and I will be making our way to Windsor, Ontario where we have family.

    Again, it was really good to hear from you. I hope the daily routine is back up and running.

    Kind Regards
    Neil and Jenny

  3. Hi Christine and Ian
    We were very surprised, when we got your letter from america! A little late, but we wish also you the very best for the 2016. Are you planing the next tour for this summer? We will follow you on your homepage.

    Your homepage with all your pictures about eating is very funny. But we can understand you. Eating on a bike-adventure is very important. And the best is, you can eat so much as you can. And a lot of calories .

    Have a good time
    Monika and jonathan Wegmüller from switzerland

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