Nor Cal and Oregon, a musical

Here are a couple of moments we’d like to share while traveling from Northern California up to Oregon.  For better or for worse we basically run on muppet music. The O’Brien siblings helped us get it out of our head, and now you’re stuck with it bwahahahaha!

7 thoughts on “Nor Cal and Oregon, a musical

  1. Hmm. Says the video is private. Well, maybe it’s safer if we all don’t hear too many muppet songs…. Enjoying the blog…. vicariously coming along for the ride….

  2. It woulbe fun to see the video, but all I got was this message: If the owner of this video has granted you access, please log in. Love seeing YOUR videos, plus your comments. When do you hope to get to Seattle?

  3. Christine, Wallace shared with me this video. You and Ian are hilarious together. I effing love it. This sounds like so much fun. You guys are having a fantastic time biking and seeing all these wanderful places. Keep us posted with more vids.

  4. Great video. I totally get the bike soundtrack thing. And of course Leggett Pass with wind and rain. My song would change from Ship of Fools to Cold Wind and Snow, and Weather Report Suite! Happy trails and keep the fun coming !

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