Oregon to Washington: A week in review

Hello there!

We’ve been stuffing our faces and resting up at our friend Jess’s awesome home in Seattle, WA.  Tomorrow is our last day on the West Coast, and then we head EAST.  EAST, as in TOWARD HOME.  Bad ass.

Here’s were we’ve been this week, briefly:

Friday, June 7th: 90 miles! Devil’s Punchbowl to Garibaldi, OR.


How did we feel after 90 miles?  Pretty freaking cool.  We celebrated by eating thousands of calories and falling asleep while it was light out.  Our first NO WIND day in a while.

Saturday, June 8th: 50 miles. Garibaldi to Sunset Beach


What a treat: we spent the day sneaking through rich gated community backyards and fences while we beat up the coast.  It’s flat now!  Our day ended on a very high note: family friends Bob and Emily took us in and fed us STEAK.  We had a wonderful overnight in the same lakeside cabin that Christine’s mom visited in the 70s!  A huge thank you to Bob and Emily!!!!

Want to know what a flat is like?  Check it out:

June 9th: 55.5 miles.  Sunset Beach to Cathlamet, WA.

Bob and Emily fed us like champions.  They very politely ignored our barbaric eating manners.  We enjoyed a farmers market in Astoria before heading up the Columbia river to ENTER WASHINGTON!  BY BOAT!!


Catch the fun:

We’d like to note that that mountain is probably Mount Saint Helens, not Mount Hood. Maybe.

June 10th: 73 miles. Cathlamet to Centralia.


We’re not sure who Dr. Pierce is- we didn’t really feel like asking.

Into the fields we go!  Today we felt like overcooked noodles.  Luckily we were biking through mostly flat-ish gorgeous countryside, or edging along the Columbia.  We dragged ass into Centralia at around 4pm, and fell asleep at an impressive 6:30pm for an 11 hour sleep rave.

June 11th: 78.5 miles.  Centralia to Twanoh State Park on the Hood Canal.

Sleep really does the trick!!!  We had a fine day, mostly revolving around food- delicious breakfast sandwiches in Elma, then a package of oreos (we’re talking family sized), then lunch in Shelton at the Ritz- two Ritz double delux cheese burgers, fries (x2) and 2 chocolate milk shakes.


We biked through two drenching rain showers, but ended the day dry on the gorgeous Hood Canal, and crossed 1,000 miles!!!!!

A dramatic, live recording of the moment we rolled across 1,000 miles.  Our butts were quoted saying: “WHAT THE HELL IS THIS, STOP BIKING.”

June 12th-June14th: 35 miles.  Into Seattle!!!

We’ve made it to lovely Seattle!  It’s quite Boston-like, really.  We had a WONDERFUL time touring the town with our friend Jess, a scholar of Victorian magic, before she sadly had to leave. Jess also is an angel as well as magic, though, and let us stay in her apartment with her scared cat and a bunch of uneaten food!  Happiness.  Thank you, magic Jess.


We also caught up with some excellent old friends: Anjuli, Arianna and Kevin, rockstars all.  A big shout-out to Arianna for graduating in Public Healthiness!  How fresh and so clean!


Our impressions:

  1. The Northwest is sunny, dry, and pleasantly breezy.
  2. Everyone in Seattle is really smart.  Maybe magic.
  3. Seattle is really Boston, just on the wrong ocean.

Mucho love to all!  Look out for more videos of roads, and dubious singing!

Ian and Chrisine

2 thoughts on “Oregon to Washington: A week in review

  1. I wish I could have been with you when you were at the Nelsons!!! I love Emily and Bob – they are one of a kind!!!! I will never forget that they hosted me for many months in Oregon and treated me like one of their kids – like family!

    Thanks so much for treating Christine and Ian like royalty also, Emily and Bob!!! I heard – steak, pancakes with blueberries and nuts?, eggs and bacon…:) So much appreciated!

    Thanks so much for the pictures, videos and updates, C & I!

    Ulli/Christine’s Mom

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